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What is a Cashback Bonus?

Before we move on to the uses of cashback bonuses and listing the best cashback offers for casino players, let’s define and explain them first. The easiest way to understand cashback is to view it as a way to get money back from the casino you’re playing at. A player becomes eligible for a cashback bonus if they meet the specified criteria or perform certain tasks required in the bonus terms. For example, one of the typical requirements for cashback casino offers is to reach a predetermined loss threshold.

If the conditions are met, the player can enjoy the perks of a cashback bonus, a unique offer designed to reward loyalty and encourage continued play. How so? Well, the casino will take into account what the person has lost over a designated period of time. A percentage of those losses will be credited back to that player’s account as a bonus. Easy!

Now, there are a few details worth paying attention to when it comes to cashbacks. These bonuses can vary in their cashback percentage. They can also vary in regularity – some are weekly bonuses, while others are credited after a month or any set promotional period for that matter. In addition, cashback bonuses can be either credited automatically or claimed through support.

As for types of casino cashback bonuses, we’ll summarize them shortly below:

  • On all losses: This cashback bonus applies to all net losses during the promo-specified period, regardless of the games played.
  • On total bets: The casino collects information about all bets during the cashback period and returns a percentage of wagered money once the offer ends, regardless of wins or losses.
  • On deposits: In this case, the casino will give a percentage back of the deposited sum and not take into account any net losses.
  • Wager free cashback: When a cashback bonus is wager free, it means you don’t have to meet any turnover requirements; the money back is all yours for the taking.
  • VIP Cashback: Cashback bonuses are often part of elaborate VIP programs, meaning the higher tier you achieve, the better the cashback bonus.

Revolution Casino Weekly Cashback – 15% up to $4,500

As a member of Revolution Casino, you can qualify for the weekly cashback from Monday to Sunday every week. The first requirement is that your account is in the top 3 VIP levels. Accordingly, your bonus will be:

  • 5% up to 1,500 for Level 3
  • 10% up to 3,000 for Level 4
  • 15% up to 4,500 for Level 5

The bonus is only valid on games in the casino section, and it has a 1x wagering requirement.

Ice Casino Loyalty Program Cashback

This cashback opportunity is available to all players who have reached the status of Amateur in the Ice Casino loyalty scheme. It is a weekly cashback bonus, which means it includes all deposits from the beginning to the end of the week (00:01 on Monday to GMT until 23:59 on Sunday GMT). Also, the weekly amount credited via deposits can’t be lower than $20.

The cashback percentage ranges from 3-12%, depending on the loyalty status. The wagering requirement for this offer of 5x must be completed in 5 days. The maximum amount of weekly cashback is $2,000.

Recover From Losses with New Casino Cashback Bonuses

New casinos will often provide players with the chance to recover a portion of their losses. It is a good way to establish loyalty and sustain a stream of balance boosts for someone building their bankroll from scratch. We’ll keep an eye out for new casino cashback bonuses for you and make sure to include them as timely as possible in the best cashback promotions list.

How to Claim Your Cashback Bonus

Cashback casino bonuses have a different redemption process than most promotions. It usually includes playing with real money for a while and then receiving the bonus after the cashback period expires. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, depending on the specific bonus type. That said, we believe it is very, very important to read the cashback terms and conditions before you redeem the offer.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on claiming a cashback bonus at an online casino:

Step 1 – Pick a Trusted Casino Site with Cashback

Selecting an online casino that offers cashback bonuses is the first thing you must do to get your hands on a sweet cashback promo. Carefully review our list of the best casinos and pick a casino to your liking. Peek at the cashback offer itself to see if you can use the bonus money on the games you love to play.

Step 2 – Register and Fund Your Account

Complete the registration process and proceed to the banking section to make a deposit. Once you have funds on your balance, you’ll be able to qualify for the cashback, as well as other casino bonuses on the site.

Step 3 – Read and Understand the T&Cs of the Bonus

Now that you’re in a position to grab a cashback bonus, you need to make sure you have the terms and conditions under control. Read the entire bonus description, including all the requirements, limits and restrictions, making sure everything fits your capabilities. The terms have to be understandable and realistic. Pay special attention to:

  • Cashback percentage
  • The basis of cashback calculations (deposit amount, net losses, total bets, etc.)
  • Account balance minimum restriction
  • Wagering requirements
  • Validity period
  • Total bonus amount limit
  • Is the bonus credited automatically or with the help of a support agent
  • Restricted games
  • Eligible games

Step 4 – Play Real Money Games

Enjoy playing real money games at the chosen casino, having in mind the requirements for the cashback bonus. Sometimes, you can get cashback if you play specific games at the casino.

Step 5 – Redeem Your Cashback

Keep track of the time if you qualify for the cashback bonus and don’t forget to take any additional action specified by the casino. If support has to credit weekly cashback to your account, contact a help agent via live chat and inform them you have a bonus pending. Sometimes, you can also credit the bonus yourself from a special promotions tab within your account profile.

Tips for First-Time Cashback Bonus Users

To become a cashback casino bonuses pro, you have to start somewhere. If you’re claiming your cashback promotion for the first time, we can share some useful tips that will help you maximize the outcome.

  • Always read the fine print – Read the T&Cs in full, including small print. Sometimes, important restrictions can be spotted only by a watchful eye.
  • Play cashback eligible games – Some games may be ineligible for the cashback bonus, so don’t go placing bets before making sure you’re doing it in the right place.
  • Learn how to calculate cashback bonus value – You need to see the actual value of the bonus. It doesn’t depend on the percentage alone. You need to factor in the wagering requirements, promotion duration, and any other limits involved. Sometimes a 5% cashback can be better than 15% if other terms are more lenient.
  • Don’t forget about manual payout – If your cashback payout has to be activated manually, set a reminder. You don’t want to forget all about the prize and miss the chance to redeem your cashback.

Cashback Bonuses for Specific Games

Cashback online casino bonuses are hugely attractive because they represent a chance to claim back money that would otherwise be lost. Drawn by the opportunity, many players often forget about relevant bonus terms, such as eligible games.

You need to stay attentive and read every sentence of the bonus conditions before wagering. It’s not unusual for cashback bonuses to apply only in live dealer games. Sometimes, with weekend and midweek cashback bonuses, the casino will limit the offer to specified games only. This can go in different directions. For example, some casino sites may offer a slots cashback bonus on slot games by a specific provider. Others may offer online slots cashback on titles with the same theme.

Maximizing Your Cashback Bonus

Are you interested in how to use cashback casino bonuses like an expert? We can help with that. Obviously, claiming cashback bonuses is something you need a strategy for, but you can also do it well with a few tricks up your sleeve.

Here’s how to maximize a cashback bonus:

  • Use recurring cashback promotions – Boost your bankroll with cashback every weekend. While one-time cashback bonuses can be great, regular offers will maintain a stream of excitement and keep your gameplay structured.
  • Give priority to wagering requirements rather than cashback percentage – We recommend going for bonuses with the lowest wagering requirements, even if the cashback percentage is on the lower side.
  • Plan your gaming sessions – It’s easier to meet the bonus requirements with a strategic approach. Set reminders, keep track of expiration dates, and plan ahead to avoid feeling pressured or rushed.
  • Budget effectively – Maintain discipline and a realistic budget for online gambling. This will not strain your finances while allowing you to fully utilize the benefits of casino cashback bonuses.

We’ve already shared some basic casino bonus tips, but we’ll use this opportunity to highlight the importance of wagering requirements and game contributions once again.

Wagering requirements determine how many times you need to wager the bonus value to redeem your prize. In order to do this quickly and painlessly, choose games with the highest wagering contribution rates. This information may be buried deep in the casino’s terms and conditions, but it’s worth finding.

Many players think they will complete the wagering quickly with video poker or low-house-edge games like blackjack, only to find out their contributions are minimal. Slots are usually the correct go-to option with 100% contribution, but you better check before letting inertia decide for you.

Staying Safe – Choosing a Legitimate Cashback Bonus

No matter how appealing a cashback bonus seems, never claim it if you’re unsure of the fairness of its terms. Safety concerns, in this case, go as far as questioning the casino itself – its reliability, security and fair customer practices.

Sure, cashback bonuses are a safety net that can partially refund one’s losses, mitigating the risk overall. However, some casinos may use the appeal of cashback promotions to lure players into a trap. How do they do it? By offering fake cashback bonuses with unreasonably high rollover terms. The terms can also get so complicated that by the time you finish reading them, you start questioning your own existence. Choosing cashback bonuses with reasonable and transparent terms will usually keep you away from scams.

As for casino safety, you need to pay attention to the usual factors, such as:

  • Valid license from a reputable authority
  • Proven banking methods
  • Tested software
  • Encrypted website

A legitimate casino will offer legitimate bonuses, it’s that simple.

Updates and Latest Cashback Bonus Offers

Online casino cashback bonuses may be difficult to hunt because they aren’t as common as match deposit bonuses or free spins. One of the ways to always stay informed in this matter is to check the latest cashback bonus list here at

Our overview of 2024 casino bonuses contains the latest cashback offers because we never miss an update. Thanks to regular updates, we can point out the top new and seasonal bonuses for cashback hunters.

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Making an Informed Choice

The concept of cashback bonuses is favorable for both casino operators and casino players. Casino sites get loyalty, engagement, and regular customers, whereas players get their hands on some funds that would otherwise be gone. The key here is to look for friendly T&Cs. When a cashback bonus is user-friendly, you have no excuse to refuse the offer. It would be foolish to miss the opportunity.

Be curious and cautious, explore and compare cashback bonuses, and you’ll surely stumble upon the best offer for you. is by your side, providing top bonus deals worth looking into.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cashback bonus is when the casino gives you a percentage of your money back. This can be based on your losses, your deposits, or bets over a specific time.

Usually, no. Since the cashback bonus relies on invested money (you need to spend something to earn a part of it back), it is not possible to avoid depositing.

Cashback casino bonuses are rarely reserved for new players. They are offered to existing players and particularly loyal players.

Check the casino’s history and reputation, then comb through its terms and conditions. Next, review its security and then focus on the bonus requirements. If everything is transparent, understandable and legit, the bonus is likely legitimate.

The terms and conditions of cashback bonuses may include many restrictions, such as minimum balance, maximum cashback, restricted games, promotional period, turnover and more.

You can rarely cash out the cashback bonus right away. Only if it is a no wagering bonus. When rollover is involved, you are free to submit a withdrawal request no sooner than meeting the wagering requirements.

That’s hard to tell. Some cashback deals are seasonal, while others change monthly or weekly.

Cashback bonuses can be game-specific. You should check if such a term is in the offer description. If not, you can use the bonus on all games at the casino.